Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday Field Notes: September 7, 2018

Notes taken September 3, 2018

We got a pretty heavy rain last night and there's a threat of rain looming over us this morning. The water at Fancy Creek is up over the bridge where I have been taking m notes. I am calling that Frog Bridge now due to the bullfrogs that always seem to hang out there.

I am writing this now from what I am calling Low-water Bridge because the water is always much lower here than at Frog Bridge. The sound of the water running over the rocks reminds me of my time in Wisconsin at Amnicon Falls. Of course, there was much more water at Amnicon than there is here.

I could sit and watch water flow all day. I am reminded of something I was once told and I can't remember who told me, but if you stare at one point of a river, you'll never see the same water twice.

It's so relaxing to listen to and watch the water and then think of all the benefits that come from it. The plants need it to grow. The animals eat the plants. Other animals eat those animals. They drink the water. It creates new landscapes. Those are just a few of the benefits.

It's nice to finally have flowing water after such a long Summer of drought.

The creek at Low-water Bridge.

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